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"We got your Poop deck right here!"

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That's All, Folks
Well, that's it. Drew is apparently out of time to work on the strip, and tentatively I have elected to let it go instead of finding another artist (and besides which, the original concept and characters were Drew's, anyway). So I'll leave this here, at least for the time being, with the archives intact, and if you want to know what I'm up to, check out any old time.

Over and out, for real. [05/11/01]


If only Resident Evil had a sword...
Onimusha rules!

Basically it's Resident evil in Ancient Japan, with swords that actually KILL the zombies! no more shooting endless clips into roting corpses. altough in the beginning i did get nervous when I saw several crows pecking on dead bodies on a bridge. I was nervous about crossing cause I rememberd a certain scene in resident evil where i was pecked to heck by crows "oh my god, he's been pecked to death!" but when I finally decided to cross the bridge, THEY FLEW AWAY! must be the sword.

the controls are exactly like Resident Evil (Bio Hazard for our Asian readers) which can be annoying in the beginning with the sword slashing, but you quickly get used to it. Anywho i'm watching a commercial for Gameboy Advanced right now and man it's even weirder then that Game Boy Pocket from a couple years ago, you know the one that looked like a Marylon Manson video where "Live Play Die" was one of it's catch phrases. It's sad when Nintendo's Gameboy makes more then it's console system. but Nintendo sure knows how to make commercials.

Anywho thats all from this front

drew 05.07.01


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